Makeup brushes are one of the makeup tools necessary for makeup. It should be cleaned regularly. So what is the easiest way  to clean the makeup brushes at home? You can get it from the following steps.

Tool materials: facial cleanser, shampoo, acidic or neutral detergent

  1. You need to prepare warm water of about 35 degrees, because there will be some grease on the makeup brush, which can be quickly dissolved by warm water, easy to clean.
  2. No matter what kind of hair, do not use alkaline detergent, must be use acidic or neutral, you can also use facial cleanser or shampoo.
  3. Hold the makeup brush handle and just put the brush hair into warm water to soak. Note that the handle does not need to be cleaned, and it cannot be soaked.
  4. Apply a small amount of cleaning solution to the brush. The brushes are washed together or washed with a scouring device. In particular, the root of the brush must be cleaned in place.
  5. If the brush is dirty, we have to clean it twice. Until the hand touches it, it is clean and there is no stickiness.
  6. The cleaned brush is cleaned with water. You can also use a towel to remove the moisture from the brush.
  7. Put the cleaned brush in a ventilated place, do not dry it, so as to avoid brittle aging

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