The details of introduction makeup facial cleansing sponges

Facial cleansing sponges are made from natural, untreated plant fiber, the most Eco-friendly choice available. so it is also called PVA facial cleansing sponges. The main production process of face mask is made of PVA through special technology and material processing and foaming. The surface is smooth and soft, and it does not hurt the skin when used. And these face sponges work perfectly for removing dirt, makeup, facial mask and make you feel more pure and fresh and comfortable.

What is facial Cleansing Sponges ?


konjac facial cleansing sponges cleansing pad Deep Cleaning Face Sponges

It is rich in seaweed bubbles, made of natural, neutral, and does not hurt the skin. It has become a must-have boudoir for fashionable beauties, young girls, young girls and college girls to put on and remove makeup.Face to rush to use small skill: after use water pinch dry, erect and ventilated, but completely dry and harden, make bacterium cannot breed, sanitation is durable;Before use, gently rub and wash in warm water to restore the best effect before use.Experts suggest that a face wash cycle should not be more than 10 days.

Matters needing attention in the use of facial cleansing sponges

(1)If you have just bought a Artemis facial cleansing sponges, wash it with clean water before use.

(2)It will become very hard when it is dry, so please do not twist it when it is dry to prevent it from breaking.Once wet, these natural cellulose facial cleansing sponges are soft and absorbent. Each cellulose compressed sponge expands to 3″ dia. and 3/8″ thick when is water added.

(3)The facial cleansing sponges themself has bacteriostatic effect, but the bacteriostatic ability will be reduced if used for a long time, and bacteria will still grow, so it is best to change it every 15 days when conditions permit.

(4)If you are allergic to the facial cleansing sponges, please stop using it.


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