why Artemis Makeup Brush suppliers always require the real samples for Makeup Brush, and how to send samples in Artemis

Why Artemis Asks The Sample From Customer

Some customers think that the information about the material/size/color of the brush bristle/ferrule/handle/logo will be enough for quotation, they can`t understand why the manufacturers of Makeup Brush always require the real samples for quotation during customizing Makeup Brush. However, detailed description is not always enough, for example, the bristle material and workmanship.

why Artemis Makeup Brush suppliers always require the real samples for Makeup Brush, and how to send samples in Artemis

  1. About the material

Recently, we received an inquiry from a customer who has sent us their detailed requirements of makeup brushes including the brush drawing with noting of the material and color of each part. Therefore, we quoted accordingly. However, they are surprised by our price and said our price is 50% higher than their current price. We realize that something must be wrong, as our cost will never so higher than others. Therefore, we tried to communicate with the customer to get the real samples from them. After evaluating their samples, we know what the problem is. Customer requires the hair of goats for their brushes, but there are so many grades for goat hair, so we quoted the best grade, but the real material of customer’s real samples are with much lower grade #10 goat hair. Therefore, we re-quote according to the exact hair grade and customer feels very satisfied with our price.


  1. About the workmanship

The workmanship is another factor which is not so easy to clarify and explain, but as a manual product, without knowing the requirement on the workmanship, it is not easy to offer exact quotation of the brushes. Different workmanship will cause great difference on price.


  1. How to send us your sample?

Below we have outlined the way to receive your sample and hope that this information answers all your questions. Should you be unsure of anything, please do not hesitate to contact us tel:86-755-27083793 or email artemis@abeautytools.com. A valid quotation should be in place prior to any sample shipment to us.


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