What is High Quality Beauty Makeup Sponge Blender


1. Appearance and feel

When you open it, it looks pretty common and looks like it is not much different from other beauty makeup sponge blender, and it is not as fine as other ones. (It turns out that the delicate beauty makeup sponge blender are not good quality! There are experiments behind!) Because these beautiful makeup sponge have even, thin pores, but when squeezed gently, super soft, that is, full and soft.
The hand feels better than any of the beauty makeup sponge blender I bought.

High Quality Beauty Makeup Sponge Blender

2. Water absorption, release and rebound ability

As you can see in picture 2, these beautiful makeup blender are super absorbent, and the volume is expanded to 2 times the size after absorption. The key point is that the release ability is as good as surprisingly, and the water in the beauty egg is squeezed gently. It is almost completely released and becomes soft and skin-friendly. The rebound ability is also super good! And unlike those glamorous goods, the wet water squeezes out the water is still heavy, this product is super light, thin and light (dry fast, not easy to mold, breeding bacteria have wood!)

High Quality Beauty Makeup Sponge Blender Internal structure comparison


3. Internal structure comparison

Figure 3, anatomical map (Yes, I am so cruel! Well, the beauty of the egg in your hand can be squeezed out after the wet water is squeezed out, your high quality or cheap copy!)

High quality beauty makeup sponge blender are like this – dense pore structure.
Soft, double soft, water absorption capacity, release capacity, resilience, these advantages can be summed up in this.

The cheap Beauty Makeup Sponge Blender

The cheap copy are like this, very thick sponge.

Details of High Quality Beauty Makeup Sponge Blender

If can’t see clearly, then come to a comparison picture as below.

High quality beauty makeup sponge blender are like this

Details, this is clear.

How to know which Beauty Makeup Sponge Blender is better

If you see this picture at first glance, you must feel that the contrast of the red, light green is so delicate, you can’t see the pores, so the quality is better.
in conclusion:
Come on! beauty makeup sponge are not face, zero pores is good.
Keep in mind, the key point is that beauty makeup sponge must have pores, pore structure, pores such as needle tip size, and uniform is optimal. Without these pores, how to grab powder, how to release the foundation on the face? Like the light green glamorous goods on the picture above, it feels good , thick, ordinary sponge structure, so you think it will spit again after eating the powder.